About Me

Wakar Khan

Call me Waqar: I am an accomplished project leader and manager with over 19 years of experience in the social, health, and emergency sectors of the development sector. Project management, working with government stakeholders, team development, community engagement, communication strategies, training, and advocacy are among my primary areas of experience.
Around the course of my career, I have held important management positions with organizations including the Department of Health Punjab, UNICEF/CTC CHIP, Save the Children, Care International, Family Health International, Greenstar Social Marketing and Rayn Group GCSS Project while overseeing significant development initiatives all around Pakistan. I contribute practical expertise in community mobilization, team building, enlisting government partners, and creating behavior change initiatives. I excel in managing programs from beginning to end thanks to my abilities in project implementation, interpersonal communication, the development of creative media, training, and advocacy.
In my spare time, I enjoy reading and love immersing myself in works of literature, especially satire novels and short stories and social analyses that offer commentary on society. Reading, in my opinion, broadens my thinking, sharpens my critical faculties, and exposes me to fresh viewpoints. In addition, I’m really interested in politics, human rights, climate change, and public health. I make an effort to stay current on events and take pleasure in imparting what knowledge I have transferred to others. My comprehension of difficult societal issues is always being improved by engaging in discussion with open-minded individuals. I think that in order to alter the world for the better, we must first broaden our own horizons.